Gum Aesthetics

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Gum Aesthetics



It is a surgical or non-surgical procedure to correct excessive or uneven gum shape. This can include procedures such as gum trimming, gum grafting, or gum contouring using laser technology.

What are the types of gum cosmetic procedures?

Gum cosmetic surgery is a procedure aimed at improving the appearance of the gums and harmonizing them with the teeth and the face. There are several cosmetic gum procedures that can be performed by a specialist in gum cosmetic surgery. Some of these treatments include:

1.Gingival Contouring: In this procedure, the shape and contour of the gums are modified to achieve harmony and balance between the exposed gums and the teeth. Special tools are used to trim and shape the gums precisely.

2. Gingival Grafting: This procedure is used to treat damaged or receding gums. A small piece of gum tissue is taken from one area of the mouth and grafted onto the desired area to enhance the gums and cover exposed areas.

3. Laser Gum Contouring: Laser technology is used to precisely vaporize and shape gum tissues. This procedure is employed to alter the gum's appearance, such as correcting receding gums or removing excess tissues.

4. Gum Depigmentation: This procedure is used to enhance the appearance of dark or pigmented gums. The existing pigments in the gums are removed using various techniques to lighten the gum color.

5.Gum Veneers: Gum veneers involve cosmetic enhancement of the gums by placing thin veneers on the gums to improve their appearance and cover aesthetic flaws.

These procedures aim to enhance the appearance of the gums and achieve aesthetic harmony between the gums and teeth. It is recommended to consult a specialist in gum cosmetic surgery to assess the condition and determine the appropriate solution to achieve the desired results.