Dental Ligature

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Dental Ligature



It is a procedure in which adjacent teeth are bonded or fastened together using a material called dental ligature or by using wires or special molds. Dental ligatures are used in several scenarios:

How are teeth bonded, and what are the types?

1.Teeth Bonding in Orthodontic Treatment: Dental bonding is used in orthodontic treatment to move teeth and guide them to the desired positions. Orthodontic wires are secured on the teeth using dental bonding to apply the necessary force to move the teeth.

2.Teeth Bonding in Fractures and Cavities Treatment: In cases of tooth fractures or large cavities, dental bonding can be used to secure the broken portion or reinforce the cavity filling, preventing unwanted movement.

3.Teeth Bonding in Dental Implant Cases: In dental implant procedures, dental bonding can be used to secure the implant in its position, providing the necessary stability for the surrounding bone to heal and integrate properly.

4.Teeth Bonding in Restoring Damaged Teeth: In the restoration of damaged teeth or the placement of bridges, teeth bonding is used to secure adjacent teeth and create a strong foundation for dental fixtures.

The techniques of teeth bonding and the materials used vary depending on the purpose and the type of treatment for each individual based on their dental condition. Our dentist evaluates each patient's case and determines the most suitable method of teeth bonding based on their individual condition.